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Dated November 2, 2015: Two new features, intent announcement — The reservation software is being updated to provide two additional features: (1) software confidence rating related to whether or not the reservation is likely to be honored and (2) the ability to manually rate guests who make, or are included in, reservations according to behavior, desirability, and several other aspects. Coding for (1) was begin two years ago. Coding for (2) begins today.

reservation form
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Simple, straightforward, reliable.

Online reservation form on your web pages. One form, not a series of forms. Guest stays on your website, not taken to the reservation service site.

More reservations — Reservations on impulse, before they go to the other restaurant's website.

24-hour convenience — Frequent diners can make reservations when they think of it, before they make other plans.

daily reservation list
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Easy for the staff.

Daily reservation list for the host/hostess station.

Special requests. Diner notes. Diner history.

Reservation confidence factor.

Mark seated, canceled, or no-show.

Make new reservations.

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Predictable for the manager.

Reservations management dashboard.


Edit guest records.

Password assignment.

Direct access to daily reservation list.

Reservation confidence factor.

Quick-count click for on-the-go reports.